Rappin’ Legal Knowledge

Yo, listen up, I got the scoop
On Wisconsin real estate forms, perfect for your group
When you’re buying or selling, you gotta be informed
Use the right forms, or you might get scorned
Walking your dog, it’s a fun activity
But in the UK, there’s a law regarding this activity
Keep your pooch on a leash, don’t let it roam
Stay in the clear and safe dog walking is your home
RMA requirements for certification, don’t be caught unaware
Follow the guidelines, be prepared and don’t scare
Make sure you’re compliant, follow the standards
For a smooth certification, you’ve got to be the commander
With free revocable living trust form, estate planning’s a breeze
Download it now, it’s like a cool summer’s breeze
Protect your assets, plan for your heirs
With this form, no need to be in despair
Private road maintenance agreement, it’s a thing, it’s a fact
FNMA’s got the lowdown, be sure to act
Understand the legal aspects, be in the know
Don’t let your road’s maintenance become a legal blow
Curious about legal birds you can own? Well, here’s the scoop
Some birds are allowed, some are a legal loop
Make sure to check, before you get a pet bird
Stay within the law, no need for anything absurd
In employment, there’s a limit, so listen up, my friend
Labour law age limit is something you can’t bend
Understand the regulations, know the restrictions too
For a smooth-sailing workplace, this is what you gotta do
Ridin’ your motorcycle in Utah, wanna be safe and sound?
Then Utah lane splitting laws are what you gotta be bound
Know the rules, stay in your lane
Ride with caution, avoid any legal pain
LLM USA requirements, if you’re aiming for this degree
Understand the guidelines, be in harmony
Get your papers ready, meet the criteria
For a successful application, this is your cafeteria
Got a dance crew, and you’re ready to sign a deal?
Make sure to have a legal dance contract, so everything’s ideal
Know your rights, protect your crew
With a solid contract, you’re good to pursue

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