Rhymes and Laws: A Creative Take on Legal Topics

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high court of karnataka recruitment High Court of Karnataka Recruitment
how to complain about a mobile phone company Complaining about a Mobile Phone Company
is hotel overbooking legal Hotel Overbooking Legal
legal components of a contract Legal Components of a Contract
understanding licensing agreements Licensing Agreements
avoid taxes on inheritance Avoiding Taxes on Inheritance
alpha phi alpha grad chapter requirements Alpha Phi Alpha Grad Chapter Requirements
interlocutory meaning in law Interlocutory Meaning in Law
what is the legal sound limit for an exhaust Legal Sound Limit for an Exhaust
accounts and legal consultants ltd Accounts and Legal Consultants Ltd

Yo, it’s time to drop some legal knowledge, no need to go to college
I got the scoop on the legal hoop, everything from contracts to inheritance troops

High Court of Karnataka looking for recruits, don’t wanna miss, go check them out, lace up your boots
And if your phone company’s got you down, don’t frown, here’s how to complain and turn it all around

Wondering if hotel overbooking’s legit? Have a seat, I’ll spit, tell you all about it
Legal overbooking, is it in your favor? Stick with me, you’ll be a legal flavor

Legal contracts, what’s the deal? The components you need to seal the deal
Licensing agreements, don’t get overwhelmed, understand them and you’ll helm the ship

Inheritance taxes, avoid ‘em like a pro, with some expert advice, you’ll be in the know
Alpha Phi Alpha grad chapter, got your eye on it? Let’s see what’s required, no need to quit

Interlocutory, it’s a legal notion, if you’re in doubt, I got the potion
And if your exhaust is too loud, understand the sound limit, stay out of a legal bout

Accounts and legal consultants can give you a hand, with their professional services, you’ll be in demand

So there you have it, legal topics in a rap, click those links, no need for a nap
Educate yourself, with a creative spin, on legal matters, you’re sure to win

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